Want to know how to open a barbershop

How do you open a barber shop

"Practical advise from an actual owner and operator for almost five years in the business. Let me show you how I opened my barber shop with less than $2,500 and turned it into a 6 figure income in a short period of time." open a barbershop

Thank you for logging on to my website, own my own barbershop.com where I take you from start to finish of the complete process to owning and successfully managing your own barbershop.

In the four years of my barbershop's existence Bladez Barber Salon, located in Fort Worth, TX has generated a lot of money.So I came up with this bright idea to build this website, share my story, and let everyone know how to start your own barber shop. By doing what I did right and staying away from the things that wasted my time and money!!

(This website is your first investment, and first step to opening and managing your own barber shop! I put alot of work into this and you will be glad that you purchased the "Owners Manual Vol. 1" save yourself the head ache of wondering what the first step is and let me just show you!! The Owners Manual Vol 1 is not a book you order, it's access to my secured site of the do's and don'ts of what I do to remain successful and you will be directed there as soon as you make your purchase!!!


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The purpose of this website is to show you how to make money the way that I have, in a struggling economy with your own barbershop.My plan is for you to follow exactly what I did right, and not to do any of the things that I did wrong. I don't know what kind of understanding you have about business, business management or business marketing, and I know I don't have all the answers, but I know one thing, I watched $2,500 turn into $250,000.00 when I invested in my own barbershop and I will show you how I did it!

open a barbershop start a barbershop


My name is Jimmy Richardson, and I have created this website to help inspiring barbers who want to truly be independent own a barbershop. This site is full of information I have sold almost anything that I could get my hands on using newspapers and the Internet. I started with things, worked my way up to cars, graduated to houses and hopefully start selling profitable business. I have an associates degree in marketing, a Texas Real Estate license, a class a barbers licence and I guess now I can add writer and web designer to my resume.

But right now I'm in the barbershop, I have 10 employees, over one hundred clients I'm 35 and loving life! Before you say I want to own my own barbershop, ask yourself do I want this responsibility. Do I want to be in charge? Do I want to be in control of my own future. It sounds good but a lot of people like to talk the talk but not walk the walk. Opening your own barber shop requires disipline and commitment.

Opening or starting a barbershop is work. But i want to start a barbershop not just open a barbershop. Whenever opening a barbershop save money!


starting a barbershop is hard work! opening a barber salon is difficult too!

Are you a leader or a follower because it takes leadership for someone to follow you, do you need motivation to get something done or do you just do it! See me, I don't worry about what needs to be done or how much there is to do I just do it. Are you simple minded or business minded?

These are the questions that I asked myself when I said "I want to own my own barbershop" now less than a year and a half later I'm glad I made the decision and the time it took to get my barbershop going was all worth it! Its not hard to start up your own barbershop at all, the hard part is the dedication.

Open a barbershop, and start shop to or starting a barbershop up! Own a barber

The feeling that you get when you walk into your establishment and seeing something flourishing that you created is the best feeling in the world.The peace of mind you get knowing you have job security and the overall pride of ownership is overwhelming. It is an awesome feeling to walk into my barbershop with forty people sitting around waiting for a haircut and someone jokingly says "O I guess the boss just comes in when he wants to huh". The information that I'm selling is priceless, and the time that has been put into this whole project is gone and I can't get it back but you know what is was all worth it!

How do you open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is not very difficult at all. The first thing you do to open a barbershop is pray!
opening a barber shop and starting a barbershop are very simple! Barbering barber

I'm finished building, the hard part is behind me now I'm just sitting back enjoying the fruits of my labor,follow my direction, and with as little money and time as possible you to without a doubt will be saying"I own my own barber shop too". I have taken my program to owning your own barbershop and broke it down into ten categories.From the first "where is the funding coming from" to the last "Great vacation spots to spend your money" no joke. When I say that I put alot of time and energy into my website I did exactly that. "Great vacation spots to spend your money" hey I already know your going to want to jump on a plane and go some where tropical, been there done that.

How do you open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is not very difficult at all. The first thing you do to open a barbershop is pray!I asked myself a question over and over how do you open a


how do you plan on opening a barbershop,and why? Barbering

The first thing you have to know before you make an investment is how much capital you have to work with. For me I only used $2,500 bucks and two credit cards and that was enough to build a Barber and Salon with nine barber stations and a salon with two stylist stations. Your wants or desires might be greater or smaller you have to decide. Now lets be practical, if you don't have any money, your credit is terrible and you don't have a barber license but you want to own your own barbershop the road ahead of you will be a little tough but I can get you through it. I can show you how to make money with the money that you do have.

I can show you how to build your credit so that you can qualify for loans, a credit business account or even your lease. If you truly want to own your own barbershop you are in the right place!I can show you how to dispute credit inaccuracies and build credit up through secured credit cards and secured loans from your bank. If possible and I don't know if you qualify, but there are grants at the state and federal level that will also make it possible to provide funding to open your own barbershop and I will show in depth of what options are available to you.


When I chose the location for my own barbershop, the first thing that I liked is that it was in a shopping center. Not your typical shopping center, the shopping center is small and sits in the middle of a low to middle class income level at the corner of some pretty busy streets surrounded by apartments. Ive seen the setup every were, and to me that is an ideal location. Think about it, in a shopping center middle of a neighborhood, corner of two busy streets, surrounded by apartments perfect. Now, what about the building itself. Does it cater to men and women. Something that you would think was a small problem could really pose a huge threat to growth. Want to see some locations that you think would be a great spot but really a waste of money and time.

How do you open a barbershop


If there is one area in this barbershop buying process that is more important than another it is this one, "Negotiating with the Broker". Now this is were you want to demonstrate your professionalism. This really is the only person that stands in your way! You want to talk to them proper business like, and with the up most respect. You might have to qualify with your FICO credit score to lease from them. You might require first and last months rent. All of these things are negotiable depending on the mood that you put them in when you talk to them. How do you open a barbershop? How do you start a barbershop, I know and i will tell you when you purchase

Everything is negotiable, it doesn't matter what they want for the rent its about what you are willing to pay! My landlord was advertising $1,400.00 per mo. you think he got it,think again. I have been buying and selling my whole life and this is were my experience payed off and I will show you how to get the best bang for your buck, I promise you that! Not only did I not have alot of start up capital, I'm cheap too.How do you open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is not very difficult at all.The first thing you do to open a barbershop is pray! I wanted to start up a barbershop for a long time!


open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is do to open a barbershop is pray!

O.k congratulations! You have successfully located, negotiated and taken possession of a space for your own barbershop, now its time to turn this space into a thriving barbershop thats going to pay you dividends for years. But the first thing you need to do is get the power turned on! In order for you to turn the electric on to your barbershop you need to file for your Certificate of Occupancy. But wait don't you do it! Unless you want to spend a bunch of money that you don't have on permits that you don't need.

If you are not convinced that I can save you a ton of money by now this is the time to pay attention.I have a little secret that I wasn't told. When I got the keys to my own barbershop I raced as fast I could to file for mine and when I did all hell broke loose! Let me save you a ton of cash and point you in the right direction to were you are suppose to go to get your C.O. and how to handle the city inspectors because they will be coming.How do you open a barbershop? Starting a barbershop is not very difficult at all. What did you do after you opened your barbershop?


By this point you are passed the city's inspectors and your power is on. You are standing in the front door of your barbershop looking at what is to become your own barbershop, all your dreams of owning your own barbershop are finally true, but one problem there is no shop only an empty space that you have the keys for and nobody even knows you are there. First thing first is preparing the building for the barbershop. Alot of people that open there own barbershop just move right on in without prep work at all to the inside of the barbershop.

I have a list of ten things that are a must to prep your building. I will give you the first one. Bomb the inside of the building with bug foggers please before you do anything just to kill off the insects that have made there home there, because of tenants prior or due to a long period of vacancy. opening a barber shop How do you open or start a barbershop? It's not hard to open a barbershop and be a good.


opening a barber shop How do you open or start a barbershop? barbers bar

I'm skipping through alot of information because unfortunately I don't want to just give it away. I broke the site into topics to kind or cover a little bit of information that's covered in the Owner's Box. Before you go to a Barber supply to try to put together the interior of your barbershop let me show you what I did. Its so important to make your barbershop look like more than just a barbershop.

You need to create an environment that you don't have to try to sale. You want your barbershop to sell itself! You want people to walk in and say "This is a really nice barbershop, yea I'll be back". Every barbershop doesn't get this response, but I guaranty you your barbershop will.


Good barbers are more important than good customers believe it or not. Good barbers will bring the customers to your barbershop. How are you going to get your barbers? Do you know any other barbers that are going to start with you? To have a good start you want to have at least three good barbers? When I opened my barbershop it was just me and a guy named Twin. Now its me and nine other people two stylist and seven barbers. I can show you how to fill your stations and get those chairs making money! One way that I talk about in my program are What about barber colleges, ever try taking your literature to a barber college and telling the owner of the school your there trying to recruit students for your shop, good luck that technique never works. I can show you a professional approach to entering the barber college walking past the owner, and talking directly to the students no joke!

But no really how do you open a barbershop? He opened the salon not me. I started a salon but I sold the


Getting customers to come to your barbershop is the key to success! I guess your thinking "Duh" huh, nah repeat customers that is the real key to success. You want to build a clientele based business of loyal people who wont let anyone cut their hair but you or someone in your barbershop. But how do get these loyal people to come in to your barbershop? Well you market your barbershop. Advertising and getting your name in front of somebody that needs a haircut. This business is great, its a cash business for starters. Its your own business for seconds, and nine times out of ten you love doing what you do and that's cutting hair. Everyone needs a haircut and most people get their hair cut once a week. If you have to see someone at least once a week you are probably going to have a pretty good relationship with them.

How do you open a barbershop? Well that part is the easy part. Starting a barbershop and running the salon the correct way is the best way

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