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I started my barber shop with 2,500.00 ,a Home Depot and Loews credit card. From there I grew a small barber shop of 4 to a shop of 13 Hair stylist and barbers that enables me to make over 2,000.00 a week in booth rent income plus my own clientele.

Jimmy Richardson

Owner Bladez Barber Salon

2,000,000.00 to 5,000,000.00 in Revenue

How many shop owners can say that their barber shop has brought in millions in revenue. I have always for almost 10 years consistently kept 10 to 13 people employed at an average salary of 45,000.00 per year, Do the math!

22 years of Barbering

I graduated high school and Williams Barber College at the same time because I went to Barber College during my senior year at Crowley High School. I have had a barber license since I was 18 years old. Check with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to back up that fact

10 years as a Barber Shop Owner

Since 2008 I have been in the grit and grind of managing my barber shop with all kind of negative and positive events pushing and pulling me into the shop owner that I have become today. I care about my shop and the people that work in my shop deeply they made a dream become reality for me and my family.

8 years of Consulting

I didn't start consulting until about 2 years after I started selling my manual. Since then I have consulted with 100's of barbers wanting to be owners. I have consulted 8 individuals from the birth of their shop until they were at six figures in revenue. All 8 shops are practicing my ways of management and are still in business to this day.

1,000 Manuals Sold to date

Globally I have sold over 1,000 manuals since I started in 2008. I revise the manual every year with more trials and tribulations to keep it updated. There's no other book on the web with a proven blue print to success like the one in front of you now.
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Jimmy Richardson

Owner Bladez Barber Salon

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